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For the benefit of Commission members and the general public, this page contains links to reports, studies, etc. from entities other than the New Jersey Sentencing Commission that bear upon sentencing practice and policy generally. The reports are organized by topic (e.g., drug policy, Re-Entry issues, and so forth.

















Article Title / News Source
Sentencing For Dollars:  The Financial Consequences Of A Criminal Conviction
Justice Strategies
A Decade of Reform: Felony Disenfranchisement Policy In The United States
The Sentencing Project
Ohio Collateral Sanctions Project
University of Toledo Law School Collateral Sanctions Paper
Collateral Sanctions in Practice in Ohio
University of Toledo Law School Collateral Sanctions Paper
One Step in the Right Direction:  Ohio's Framework for Sealing Criminal Records
University of Toledo Law School Collateral Sanctions Paper
Overworked and Underpaid:  A Criminal Defense Attorney's Guide to Using Invisible Punishments as an Advocacy Strategy
University of Toledo Law School Collateral Sanctions Paper
Thwarting a New Start?  Foreign Convictions, Sentencing and Collateral Sanctions
University of Toledo Law School Collateral Sanctions Paper


Article Title / News Source
Apprendi’s Domain
Professor Jonathan P. Mitchell

Rita, Clairborne, And The Court Of Appeals’ Attachment To The Sentencing Guidelines
Professor Carissa Hessick and Professor F. Andrew Hessick

“The Question Is Which Is to Be Master – That’s All”: Cunningham, Claiborne, Rita and the Sixth Amendment Muddle
Professor Frank O. Bowman III

The Supreme Court Invalidates California's"Determinate Sentencing" Law:  Part One in a Two-Part Series on Yet More Cases  Involving Judicial Factfinding in Sentencing
Professor Vikram David Amar
Justice Alito's Dissent in Cunningham v. California: How Can Someone So Wrong, Be So Right?
Professor Vikram David Amar and Professor Aaron Rappaport
A Civil Jury In Criminal Sentencing: Blakely, Financial Penalties, Blakely, Financial Penalties And The Public Rights Exception To The Seventh Amendment
Columbia Law Review
The Real (Sentencing) World: State Sentencing In The Post-Blakely Era
Professor Douglas A. Berman & Professor Steven L. Chanenson
Making Sentencing Sensible
Professor Douglas A. Berman & Professor Stephanos Bibas
Beyond Blakely: Implications of the Booker Decision for State Sentencing Systems
Vera Institute
Aggravated Sentencing: Blakely v. Washington: Legal Considerations for State Sentencing Systems
Vera Institute
Aggravated Sentencing: Blakely v. Washington — Practical Implications for State Sentencing Systems
Vera Institute
Sentencing Law Under The Knife: Judicial Surgery, The New Jersey Supreme Court, and State v. Natale
Deputy Attorney General Ben Barlyn


Article Title / News Source
Drug Treatment Courts - FAQS
Canadian Centre On Substance Abuse
The State of Drug Court Research: What Do We Know?
Center For Court Innovation
Overview of the Adult Drug Court Program
(file format: PowerPoint, file size 238kb)
New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts
Manual For Operation of Adult Drug Courts In New Jersey
New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts
Defining Drug Courts: The Key Components
The National Association of Drug Court Professionals
Drug Courts In New Jersey: Past, Present And Future
1998 Class of Leadership New Jersey
Online Pamphlet: The Facts Are In . . . Drug Courts Work
New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts
Looking at a Decade of Drug Courts
Drug Court Clearinghouse and Technical Assistance Project
Differences Between the Traditional Case Disposition Process and The Drug Court Process For Adult Defendants
BJA Drug Court Clearinghouse Project


Article Title / News Source
Cocaine and Federal Sentencing Policy
United States Sentencing Commission
Updated Report On Drug Offender Sentencing Issues
Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission

Drugs – Facing Facts:  The Report Of The RSA Commission On Illegal Drugs
RSA Commission

Maryland’s Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentencing Laws:  Their Impact On Incarceration And Communities Of Color
Justice Policy Institute  
National Drug Control Strategy
White House

The High Cost of Drug Free Zones
Hon. Gwendolyn Faison, Mayor, City of Camden

Cracks In The System: Twenty Years Of The Unjust Federal Crack Laws
American Civil Liberties Union
Drug Courts: The Second Decade
National Institute of Justice
Principles Of Drug Abuse Treatment For Criminal Justice Populations – A Research-Based Guide
National Institute On Drug Abuse

Principles Of Drug Abuse Treatment For Criminal Justice Populations – A Research-Based Guide
National Institute On Drug Abuse

Painting the Current Picture: A National Report Card on Drug Courts and Other Problem Solving Court Programs in the United States
Bureau of Justice Assistance
Drug Courts: An Effective Strategy for Communities Facing Methamphetamine
Bureau of Justice Assistance
The Next Big Thing? Methamphetamine In The United States
The Sentencing Project
Just Cause Or Just Because: Prosecution and Plea-Bargaining Results In Prison Sentences On Low-Level Drug Charges In California and Arizona
Rand Corporation
Evaluation Of The Substance Abuse And Crime Prevention Act: Cost
Analysis Report University of California Los Angeles
Proposition 36: Improving Lives, Delivering Results: A Review Of The First Four Years Of California’s Substance Abuse And Crime Prevention Act of 2000
Justice Policy Institute
Disparity By Design: How Drug-Free Zone Laws Impact Racial Disparity - And Fail To Protect Youth
Justice Policy Institute
Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences: Throwing Away the Key or Taxpayers’ Money?
Rand Corporation
An Analytic Assessment of U.S. Drug Policy
American Enterprise Institute
How Goes the War on Drugs?
Rand Corporation


Article Title / News Source
Prosecutorial Decision-Making And Racial/Ethnic Disparities In The Federal
Criminal Justice System:  Principles and Guidelines Brennan Center For Justice   
Racial Disparity In Sentencing: A Review Of The Literature
The Sentencing Project
Race and Incarceration: A Preliminary Consideration
Delaware Center for Justice


Article Title / News Source
Shaming Criminals
The American Enterprise Institute
Prison vs. Alternative Sanctions: Trying to Compare Recidivism Rates
Maryland State Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy
The Impact of Alternative Sanctions on Prison Populations
Maryland State Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy


Article Title / News Source
Final Report To Governor Bush
Governor’s Ex-Offender Task Force
Report and Recommendations To New York State On Enhancing Employment Opportunities For Formerly Incarcerated People
The Independent Committee On Reentry And Employment

Successful Transition and Reentry For Safer Communities: A Call To Action For Parole
JEHT Foundation

Understanding The Challenges Of Prisoner Reentry: Research Findings From the Urban Institute’s Prisoner Reentry Portfolio
Urban Institute
Coming Home For Good: Meeting The Challenge of Prisoner Re-entry in New Jersey
New Jersey Institute For Social Justice
A Portrait of Prisoner Re-Entry in New Jersey
New Jersey Institute For Social Justice
Why Planning For Release Matters
Vera Institute
Preventing Homelessness Among People Leaving Prison
Vera Institute
Report of The Re-Entry Policy Council


Article Title / News Source
The Role Of Parole In Solving The Texas Prison Crowding Crisis
Texas Public Policy Foundation
Beyond the Prison Gates: The State of Parole in America
The Urban Institute
Does Parole Supervision Work? Research Findings and Policy Opportunities
American Probation and Parole Association


Article Title / News Source
Rethinking Probation: Community Supervision, Community Safety
Office of Justice Programs
Probation Reform: Is Zero Tolerance a Viable Option
Vera Institute


Article Title / News Source
The California Sentencing Commission:  Laying The Groundwork
The Stanford Executive Sessions On Sentencing And Corrections
The California Sentencing Commission: Laying the Groundwork Stanford Law School & Stanford Criminal Justice Center:  The Stanford Executive Sessions on Sentencing and Corrections
A Decade of Sentencing Reform:  A Sentencing Commission Staff Report
Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission
Changing Direction?  State Sentencing Reforms 2004-2006
The Sentencing Project

Sourcebook Of Federal  Sentencing Statistics
The United States Sentencing Commission

U.S. Sentencing Commission 2006 Annual Report
The United States Sentencing Commission
Sentencing In Wisconsin: Drug Trafficking
Wisconsin Sentencing Commission
Throwing Away The Key
Ellen S. Podger
White-Collar Defendants and White-Collar Crimes
Andrew Weissman and Joshua Block
The Consequences Aren’t Minor:  The Impact Of Trying Youth As Adults And Strategies For Reform
Campaign For Youth Justice
Solving California's Corrections Crisis: Time Is Running Out
The Little Hoover Commission
ABA Commission on Effective Sanctions: Recommendations
American Bar Association and National District Attorneys Association

Evidence-Based Public Policy Options To Reduce Future Prison Construction, Criminal Justice and Crime Rates
Washington State Institute For Public Policy

Missouri’s Information-Based Discretionary Sentencing System
Hon. Michael A. Wolf, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri

Texas Sunset Advisory Commission Report
Texas Dept. Criminal Justice, Board of Pardons and Paroles, Correctional Managed Health Care Committee

Smart Sentencing: Public Safety, Public Trust and Confidence Through Evidence-Based Dispositions
Honorable Michael H. Marcus

Contemporary Sentencing Reform In California: A Report To The Little Hoover Commission
Stanford Law School & Stanford Criminal Justice Center

State Sentencing Commissions
Stanford Law School & Stanford Criminal Justice Center
So You Want To Start A Sentencing Commission?
Mike Connelly, Ph.D. & Kim Hunt, Ph.D.
Federal or State? Sorting As A Sentencing Choice
Professor Ronald F. Wright
Negotiating Federal Plea Agreements Post-Booker
Barry Boss, Esq. & Nicole L. Angarella, Esq.
Preliminary Quarterly Data Report – 3rd Quarter
United States Sentencing Commission
Getting Smarter About Sentencing: NCSC's Sentencing Reform Survey
National Center for State Courts

2006 WATCH Victim Impact Statement Study

Recommendations for Federal Criminal Sentencing in a Post-Booker World
Constitution Project’s Sentencing Initiative
Bureau of Justice Statistics Bulletin: Prison and Jail Inmates At Mid- Year 2005
U.S. Department of Justice
Introduction to Federal Sentencing – Ninth Ed.
Office of the Federal Public Defender
Three Critical Sentencing Elements Reduce Recidivism: A Comparison Between Robbers And Other Offenders
Wisconsin Sentencing Commission
Final Report On The Impact Of United States v. Booker On Federal Sentencing
United States Sentencing Commission
Principles For the Design And Reform Of Sentencing Systems: A Background Report
The Constitutional Project – Sentencing Initiative
Criminal Justice and Corrections: The Case For Rational Reform
Dr. Bruce Stout
Options to Stabilize Prison Populations In Washington State – Interim Report
Washington State Institute For Public Policy
Evidence-Based Adult Corrections Programs: What Works and What Does Not
Washington State Institute For Public Policy
Incarceration and Crime: A Complex Relationship
The Sentencing Project
A Primer: Three Strikes - The Impact After More Than a Decade
California Legislative Analyst's Office
Oral Argument Sentencing Guidelines
New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts
ABA Justice Kennedy Commission Recommendations
American Bar Association


Article Title / News Source
Evaluating Fairness and Accuracy In State Death Penalty Systems:  The Tennessee Death Penalty Assessment Report
American Bar Association
Challenging The Intrastate Disparities In The Application Of Capital Punishment Statutes
Andrew Ditchfield

Justice Delayed?  Time Consumption In Capital Appeals:  A Multi-State Study
Barry Latzer, J.D., Ph.D., James N.G. Cauthen, J.D., Ph.D.

Final Report With Findings and Recommendations
The Governor’s Commission On The Administration Of Lethal Injection
New Jersey Death Penalty Study Commission Report
New Jersey Death Penalty Study Commission

The Death Penalty In 2006:  Year End Report
Death Penalty Information Center

Capital Punishment, 2005
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Florida Death Penalty Assessment Report and Resources
American Bar Association
Race and the Decision to Seek the Death Penalty in Federal Cases
Rand Corporation
Evaluating Fairness and Accuracy in State Death Penalty Systems: The Arizona Death Penalty Assessment Report
American Bar Association
Evaluating Fairness And Accuracy In State Death Penalty Systems:
The Alabama Death Penalty System Assessment

American Bar Association
Mandatory Justice: The Death Penalty Revisited
The Constitution Project
Money For Nothing? The Financial Cost of New Jersey’s Death Penalty
New Jersey Policy Perspective
Capital Punishment, 2004
Bureau of Justice Statistics


Article Title / News Source
Report To The Legislature
Oregon Criminal Justice Commission
Public Safety, Public Spending – Forecasting America’s Prison Population 2007-2011
Pew Charitable Trusts
Changing Crime Rates: Ineffective Law Enforcement Grants And The Prison Buildup
The Heritage Foundation

Reconsidering Incarceration:  New Directions For Reducing Crime
The Vera Institute


Article Title / News Source
A Roadmap for Effective Offender Programming In California
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Expert Panel on Adult Offender and Recidivism Programming
Community Corrections In Colorado:  A Study Of Program Outcomes And Recidivism, FY00-FY04
The Colorado Division of Criminal Justice
Criminal Recidivism In Alaska
Alaska Judicial Council

Does Prison Harden Inmates?: A Discontinuity-Based Approach
M. Keith Chen and Jesse M. Shapiro

Recidivism In Connecticut
Connecticut Department of Corrections
Violent Felons In Urban Counties – A Special Report
Bureau of Justice Statistics


Article Title / News Source
The Accuracy of Recidivism Risk Assessments For Sexual Offenders: A Meta-Analysis
Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada, Department of Justice, Canada
Report Of the Sex Offender Policy Task Force
National Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Banishment By A Thousand Laws:  Residency Restrictions On Sex Offenders
Professor Corey Rayburn

Understanding Treatment For Adults and Juveniles Who Have Committed Sex Offenses
Center For Sex Offender Management


Article Title / News Source

Facts about Prisons and Prisoners
The Sentencing Project

Prison and Jail Inmates at Mid-year 2006
Bureau of Justice Statistics
West Virginia’s Correctional Population Forecast: 2005-2015 – A Study Of The State’s Prison Population
West Virginia Criminal Justice Statistical Analysis Center
Violent Crime In America:  24 Months Of Alarming Trends
Police Executive Research Forum
State Crime Legislation In 2006
National Conference Of State Legislatures

Juvenile Court Statistics 2001-2002
Office of Justice and Delinquency Prevention

California’s Criminal Justice System: A Primer
California Legislative Analyst’s Office
Attitudes Of US Voters Toward Youth Crime And The Justice System
National Council On Crime and Delinquency
Medical Causes of Death In State Prison, 2001-2004
Bureau of Justice Statistics

Prisoners In 2005
Bureau of Justice Statistics

The Dangers of Detention:  The Impact of Incarcerating Youth in Detention And Other Secure Facilities
Justice Policy Institute
Mental Health Problems of Prison and Jail Inmates
Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report

Crime In New Jersey: 2005 Uniform Crime Report
New Jersey Attorney General’s Office

Reducing Gun Violence – A Research Report
National Institute of Justice

Who’s In Prison: The Changing Demographics Of Incarceration
Public Policy Institute of California

Confronting Confinement
The Commission On Safety And Abuse In America’s Prisons


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